Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twenty-six years

On June 26th Kim and I celebrated 26 years of being together. It seems like just yesterday we spent a whirlwind day going through the Oakland temple and rushing to our reception in Paradise. It was a perfect day and thanks to my mom...quite stress-free. I took care of the wedding dress and chose the colors, but she pulled it all together and did it beautifully. But really the only thing that mattered was that I had found the man I was going to spend eternity with.
To celebrate we spent two nights at the Crystal Inn in SLC. We spent real money and went to a real movie theater (not the dollar theater) and watched Seventeen Miracles. Yeah, just another handcart story, but not really. It reminded me that we need to always remember. Beautiful story!
This is the sunset as we got out of the Theater. The next day we went to the Draper temple where we were able to spend a good part of the day working in the temple. It was nice being together. Later in the day we took a drive up the canyon and ended up at Brighton. It is Jared's favorite ski resort, but we had never been there. Beautiful (winding) drive and it is a nice resort.
We took our time getting home the next day. It was good to get away and spend time with my eternal companion.

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