Sunday, August 14, 2011

school and football

I was just thinking about how school starts in nine days! This will be the first time (except the year I was pregnant with Sara and spent half my day in bed and the other half being crossing it doesn't count) in twenty years that I will have my children in school all day. I may actually get something done...or just enjoy going to the bathroom by myself. I am looking forward to Sara's first grade year.
We also have started football season. We had our parent meeting on Saturday and the boys practiced all week last week. We did have sign-ups in July and I guess Spencer is growing up because I didn't even go with him to sign up. Every year I bring my camera and take pictures as we progress through the line. I enjoy standing in the hot sun because it means soon I will be in the shade of a tree sitting in a camp chair as he practices and Sara can play with her little friends while I visit with mine. This year I picked Kim up at the airport while he stood in line with a friend and when through the whole procedure ....and no pictures. I guess he is growing up.

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soyprincesa2 said...

So... what will you do during the day... chores or something fun? ;) I did chores all week with my free time... next week... work on homemade items for Christmas.