Sunday, October 5, 2008

These are my cinnamon rolls. It was conference weekend again. When I was little we would go to my Grandma Hagberg's house to watch the morning session. She would make cinnamon rolls. Yum! She loved to fuss and cook and this has been my memory of conference. Now when conference rolls around I make cinnamon rolls. My kids know they're coming and it is just a nice tradition. I never have to think about what we're having for breakfast.

This year I have been surfing the web. Mostly I check out paper crafting sites and my friends' blogs, but one of them also has tons of recipes. I found this new yummy cinnamon roll recipe...but I didn't say they were fat free!!

Conference was great. Of, course President Monson was wonderful and we were delighted to hear from Elder Holland. Spencer claims to have listened to conference and his favorite talk was about the boy going across the river for the horses. It was a good one.

As I was listening to Elder Wirthlin and surprised a bit at his sense of humor. He is one of my favorite. Is it o.k. to have favorites?? Then I decided it was. Each speaker is important, but some speak to you more than others and some speak to others more than you. They are all testifying of Christ. They are all messages inspired...some just touch you a little more.

I'm always a little saddened as it comes to a close. The time is so short. I wonder if I listened closely enough. I want to roll back time and try a little harder. I didn't snooze at all through any. Sometimes the afternoon session is tempting to just rest your head back and snuggle up on the couch, but nope! I was a good girl this year.

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shannan said...

Those look sooooooo good! I am hungry right now, and I wish I could reach through the computer screen and take one of those yummy cinnamon rolls.

I might need the recipe!