Saturday, September 13, 2008

My girlfriend and I have this package we send back and forth. When it is my turn to receive the package, I check the mail each day hoping for a key which means I have something bigger than a letter and the mailman had to put it in the big bin. The only thing I really have to get a key for is this package. It is really fun! Well it has been my turn to receive this package and I knew Shelly was leaving for Cambodia to pick up her missionary son so I may have to wait a while longer.
A couple of days ago, when I was sick, (while I was still downstairs) the doorbell rang. It was the mailman with this package from Shelly. My boys answered the door and hand delivered it to me. I was really feeling lousy. I couldn't even open it. I just held it for a while. When I finally made it upstairs with the package, I just lay on the bed picking away at the paper till it was open. Then a while later I read our journal. Then a while later I was able to examine the contents one by one (we send each other little goodies).
I think it took most of the day, but it made the day a little better...and if the mailman hadn't delivered it to my door, I probably wouldn't have gotten the mail that day. How did he know to ring the bell?

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shannan said...

What was in the package?