Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010

Good-bye 2010. I have not posted for quite a while, but thought I would send out the old year. I have been struggling with writing. I guess I felt if I didn't tell everything that was happening to me it would be like not telling the whole I didn't write. I know I can chose how much information I share and I will just have to keep that in mind. My family has a bit of a crisis. We are losing our dad to cancer. That is all I will say and hope that I can focus on the other aspects of my life.
Mandy came home from Maine on November 22 (her birthday), but due to a delay in her first flight she missed her connection in Georgia and didn't make it home till the next day. So now it has been nice to have her home for over a month and will enjoy her for about a month longer before she is back to the state she loves.
We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. Our house used to be the perfect place to get together, but all our families have grown so much and even with our family, the basement is claimed as bedrooms by certain children so we don't have as much space. All went well, but we just weren't able to spread out as we once did.
Brandon went in for his procedure. Actually when they put him under and then scoped his esophagos it had opened up on its own. The before and after pictures are amazing. Maybe staying away from eggs??? He came home and took his big pill and it went right down. That is a first. Before he had to take it out of the capsule. Anyway, they took a biopsy and later we got a call that he tested positive for a condition that will go away with medication. We are glad that it is getting taken care of and he can live a normal life!
Our furnace died on us and it has taken us a little while to scrape up enough money for the furnace. We knew we wanted one by the end of the year so we could take advantage of the tax credit. We thought maybe we could make it through the winter with our little electric heaters, but yesterday morning we woke up with ice on our windows! And with temperature in single digits we broke down and did get one that will be installed next week. I will be counting down till the day!
All our kids were home for Christmas and it was nice to be together. I think Santa was quite generous and my children don't have outrageous lists. For new years they found various activities to attend. With just half an our to go, here I am, ready for the new year.

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shannan said...

I feel so cold just looking at that picture. I can't wait till you are all snuggly warm again.