Monday, January 3, 2011

So, I am lying in bed with my laptop in front of me listening to Simon and Garfunkle and checking on my bloggy friends. First thing I went to Elesa's (my sister-in-law) blog. I quite frequently enjoy her blog for her wit. She is so excited because she has been featured in a magazine called The Barrell. Of course I am excited for her and went to the site to see what was said. Yes, I had read these posts before, but as I am reading I started laughing and laughed even more with the thought of my husband lying asleep in dreamland beside me and I am lying in bed laughing. Thanks, Elesa, for making me laugh...oh, and the pie was delicious. I think I will go cut me another slice: )


elesa said...

hee hee. I am so glad you included a picture of the pie. Maybe it is time to make another.

Kim and Heather said...

If I am really careful with it, I can just bring the last slice back on Sunday. Well, I don't feel like being "that" careful.