Saturday, March 5, 2011

The burial

A storm was coming in. We decided to travel half way on Friday and stayed the night in Cedar City. In the motel room the next morning we got ready for the burial then headed to Mesquite. It was rainy, cold, wet. We arrived in Mesquite early so we converged at the church building as we waited. Then when the time came we went to the cemetery where my Uncle Don dedicated the grave and my dad was laid to rest.
Following the dedication we went back to the church building where Uncle Don and Aunt Gerri's families provided a luncheon. (Thank you soooo much!!) My cousin Christina and her two children came up from Vegas. More family from Mesquite and a Missionary buddy "Woody" joined us.
Now it is over. We have been involved in funeral preparations and have kept our thoughts busy. What lies ahead? Life does go on and I have an example to follow.

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